Despite of new means of communication we still believe in the traditional art of letter writing. That's why we produce delicate and elegant writing paper, cards and envelopes, which show a unique surface texture, so that you can express your personality in an exclusive and individual way.


This original range has a pronounced deckle-edge and a strong texture. It is dyed with mineral soil, through which front and backside of the sheet show different colour nuances. The subtle colour variants guarantee an original and very characteristic elegance; it may therefore be the best choice for wedding invitations.


The classic collection of the mill consists of papers of white, natural, mottled ecological, coloured and pastel appearance. Its delicate structure is finished off by the tender deckle-edges. It is highly suitable for invitations, mailings or weddings.


This collection have the same components and quality like Rustic papers. The Caribe papers have ligthness colors with very good results.


By the mediterranean style, this collection presents toasted and warm colors, of hight quality. This collection have the same components and quality like Rustic and Caribe papers too.


Parts of fresh plants and flower petals, which are enclosed in the paper pulp, give this range its name. The "Seasons" is particularly well suited for cards and invitations.


The Virutas collection is one of the newest of Ca l'Oliver. With six diferents gades, with a virutas details, the result is a diferent kind of paper and funny.